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Cookie's Story

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Cookie's Story


This is the story of how we found our Siamese rat, Cookie.  We called her our "Easter Surprise."  Little did we know she had more surprises in store for us...

The Saturday Before Easter


It was the Saturday before Easter. Children were busily rushing back and forth in our front yard, gathering eggs from secret hiding spots while the rest of the adults watched and took pictures. I was one of the adults with a camera in hand, enthusiastically taking photos of my stepchildren and their 10 cousins. During all of the chaotic hustling and bustling, my mother-in-law spotted a neighbor out in her yard and went to talk to her.

After the excitement from the Easter egg hunt, all of us went inside the house to chat and visit with one another.  While we were talking my stepdaughter came up to me and asked if she and two of her cousins could play in the backyard on the slide. I thought about it for a moment and then told them it was okay. A few minutes later my mother-in-law told us what her neighbor told her. She explained that her neighbor was a little worried that her house would be invaded by a domesticated rat roaming the neighborhood. Apparently, someone in our neighborhood no longer wanted their pet rat so they decided to turn it loose "into the wild" to fend for itself. The rat had been running  back and forth in our neighbor’s backyard all morning, and our neighbor was worried that the rat would somehow find a way into her home.

Angry and saddened by the tale of the homeless rat, I knew that the rat was doomed to die from either exposure to the cold, starvation, or violence. I thought about looking for the rat myself, but quickly became pessimistic. Just then, my stepdaughter came rushing into the house saying, "Becky! Becky! There's a rat in our backyard!" My mother-in-law quickly asked what color it was and my stepdaughter answered in a rushed voice, "White!" I immediately jumped up and went into the backyard. The other two girls were on the grass looking through the fence. The rat had escaped.

Our Easter Surprise


After realizing that the rat was so close by, I went back into the house and asked my stepson for assistance. My stepson went out into the front yard and began searching for the rat while I decided to walk around our next-door neighbor's yard. By the time I came back my stepson was holding the beautiful Siamese rat in his hands. Apparently, the rat was hiding under the giant fir-tree in our backyard.

We brought the rat into the house and immediately announced the news to the family. We were very pleased that the rat was a girl rather than a boy, because we already had three female pet rats, and we were fine with the idea of owning another one.

My son created a rat-name ballot and we all voted for which name we liked best. The winner was "Cookie," to match with our other "C" rat names: Cinnamon, Cocoa, and Checkers.

Two Weeks Later

Two weeks went by, and Cookie quickly adjusted to her new home.  She seemed to be a very calm rat and loved to be held by people.  We had to have the tip of her tail amputated, because it had died either from frostbite or an accident, but Cookie healed from the procedure immediately and did not seem to mind.  I have never owned such a submissive, easy-going rat before.


After her confinement and quarantine was over, we introduced Cookie to our other pet rats.  The first meeting, however, did not go as planned. Cookie seemed to be very grumpy and agitated at the sight of the other rats, and became very nervous and aggressive when they approached her belly.  That was when I noticed how fat her belly appeared to be.  Could she be pregnant?  We decided that we should keep Cookie away from the other rats.


At first I was a little in denial about Cookie being pregnant, so I started searching the internet for "how to tell if your rat is pregnant" sites. I even emailed some photos to my rat breeder, Hilloah, and asked her what her opinion was. Little did I know that while I was on the computer, Cookie was directly behind me on my bed preparing to give birth! After I got off of the computer, I picked Cookie up gently and put her in her cage. That's when I noticed she was acting a little strange. She started stretching, breathing hard, and she pressed her face against the glass walls of her cage. Then I noticed the blood discharge. YIKES! I immediately looked back at my bed and I noticed that there were blood spots and holes all over my sheets. Apparently, she decided that my bed would make the perfect nest for her babies. I immediately took action and began shredding paper towels and stuck them in her cage, making sure she would be as comfortable and clean as possible for when she delivered her babies. She then proceeded to give birth a few minutes later.

Cookie, the Mama Rat

Cookie gave birth to six healthy babies on April 8, 2008: two boys and four girls.  Now I need to find homes for them.  Email me and let me know if you are interested.


Utah Family Rattery

Utah Family Rattery
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